Original Lithographs by Chagall, Joan Miro, Kandinsky, Tapies, Calder, Bazaine

Derrière le Miroir is a superb collection of original lithographs by Chagall, Joan Miro, Kandinsky, Tapies, Calder, Bazaine and many more.
These spectacular lithographs can be mounted, framed and hung as art. Many people choose to do so, while others simply enjoy it in its covering like a magazine. Either way, it is a great collectible item that will surely increase in value over time. Thank you for looking!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Derriere le Miroir No. 170, JEAN BAZAINE March, 1968

(Derrière le Miroir: 1946-1982.  253 editions, 200 volumes.  Published by Aimé Maeght)

Welcome to Scorpio Collections!  The volume you’ve selected is a first edition of the prestigious Derrière le Miroir (DLM) art magazine, published in Paris from 1946 to 1983.  Each volume combines the original and reproduction lithographs of a particular artist with prose and poetry by contemporary writers.  The magazine was not bound, but rather featured loose prints and pages of text in a soft-cover lithograph wrapping.  All volumes were published by Maeght Editeur, Paris.

Issue nº:170
Issue date: March, 1968
Physical contents: 11 original lithographs, of which 4 color including one double-paged, 7 B&W including one double-paged; 8 B&W reproductions of paintings.
Artist: Jean BAZAINE
Texts by: René Char and André Frénaud
Measurements: 11” x 15”/30x38cm
Wrapping – Very good, slight toning.  Spine slightly worn.
Contents – Very good, no noticeable flaws.  Complete as issued.


About Derrière le Miroir
Derrière le Miroir’s 36 years of publication saw the many of the 20th century’s greatest artists submit their works to the magazine. Each issue of the magazine featured one artist’s original lithograph along with multiple reproductions. Their works were set alongside the poetry of France’s great writers of the same period. Artists featured include Braque, Calder, Chagall, Chillida, Giacometti, Léger, Matisse, Miro and Tapies. That their works were juxtaposed to the writings of such great thinkers as Aragon, Beckett, Char, Eluard, Prévert, Queneau, Reverdy and Sartre, ensured that the magazine would find itself a special place in the annals of art publications as the cross-roads of art both visual and verbal.

Jean René Bazaine (21 December 1904, Paris – 4 March 2001, Clamart) was a French painter, designer of stained glass windows, and writer. His work was first shown in company with Jean Fautrier, Edouard Goerg and Marcel Gromaire (Galerie Jeanne Castel, Paris 1930). At his first individual show (Galerie Van Leer, Paris 1932) he was favourably receivedby Pierre Bonnard who seemed to recognize a progressive tendency rooted in his own sense of colour (Post-Impressionism developing into Abstract Impressionism).